A heart centred, connected approach to individualised end of life care.

My mission is to help people to develop a relationship with death and dying that is spiritually connected, liberated from fear and individually meaningful through acceptance, compassion and faith.

I support people from all spiritual backgrounds, creeds, races and genders. I aim to provide an individualised end-of-life experience, catered to the needs and wishes of the individual.

Allow me to walk you home at the end of your life journey, in a way that suits you.

About Doula Jo

I have a background in aged and disability care. In fact, I was a carer for over 20 years. Through this time, I have had the privilege of supporting people from all walks of life and in all kinds of situations, including spinal injuries, intellectual disabilities, aged care and of course, palliative care.

In this time, I have had the honor of holding many hands as their Earth journey came to an end.

I learned that, in our society, death has become something clinical, something hidden, something separate from us, and it is this separateness that creates fear and anxiety around the inevitable. My aim is to bring everyone, not just the dying person, back into connection with the dying process. To reconnect us with the sacredness of this significant life event. So that we may all feel more connected, both physically and spiritually.

After all, death is our birthright. It is what ultimately gives life it’s meaning.

I’d really like to connect with you and find out how I can support you through this end-of-life transition. And if you will allow me, may I walk you home at the end of your Earth journey.


Suellen and Mary

Myself, Suellen will be telling this story about my mum Mary-Ellen Miller. In 2019 Mum got diagnosed with Corticobasel syndrome which is a terminal disease .My mum was a hard working women as a blue care nurse.As you could imagine as an independent lady getting told that …”you have got a terminal disease, and you won’t be able to talk or walk within the next three years go and enjoy your life before this happens”, was very difficult. This was a life changing event for my mum .Mum didn’t want to travel or go anywhere she just wanted to spend ...
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Hannah and Saffy

Last year my dog, Saffy, got diagnosed with cancer after a series of terrifying seizures. Saffy was closer to me than any human in my life, she had taken care of me as much if not more than I had taken care of her for 10 years. The sudden realisation I would lose her shook my entire world apart. In the panic I realised I’d have to decide what to do with her after she was gone and I felt like I was lost in a hurricane of emotions and decisions I had to make. I kind of remember when ...
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Death Doula

A Death Doula, also known as an End-of-Life Doula, is a support person who provides non-judgemental, non-medical holistic support to those nearing the end of life or who have received a terminal diagnosis. A Death Doula also typically offers support to the friends and family of the terminally ill, elderly, dying, or recently deceased.

Pet Farewells

The loss of a pet can be just as devastating as the loss of our human family members. I aim to provide support to fur parents to ensure that your pets life gets the honour it deserves.

I provide both Doula support and nature based funeral services for animals.


I have been holding various workshops and retreats for over a decade.

My retreats and workshops are centred around spiritual connection, nature connection and holistic  well-being.

They range from online courses, to 1 day retreats, to bigger, multi-day retreats.

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