Frequently Asked Questions

This can range depending on the level of service and support you need. All Doula services are charged at an hourly rate with the exception of sleepovers and longer bedside vigil services. Please see the pricing structure under the "services" page or reach out to discuss your personal needs for sleepover and bedside vigil requirements.

Generally speaking, an initial session of 2 or 3 hours is needed to get the ball rolling, from then on it will most likely be a regular check in session of 1 to 2 hours once or twice per month until the later stage of service when bedside vigil is needed.

In addition to the standard website privacy policy which can be viewed here , Doula Jo Centre has a confidentiality agreement that is sent out to you with your welcome pack should you choose to use my service. Your privacy is is my priority.

Yes! Doula Jo welcomes all feedback. You can click on the "Contact Doula Jo" button at the bottom right of any page and you can send feedback via the contact form.

The role of the Doula giver is to provide a non-clinical support service. A Doula, falls under the category of "allied health" but we are a non-medical, non-clinical service.  A Doula can work in conjunction with clinicians or as a stand-alone service. Some Doulas have nursing backgrounds and/or training but when we are operating as a Doula, we are not providing nursing services.

Often people seek the support of a Death Doula when there has been a significant event in their life that has bought mortality to the forefront of their awareness. This could be a terminal diagnosis, the death of a loved one or when someone is ageing.

Absolutely! Here at Doula Jo Centre, I work in conjunction with funeral services and can aid you to plan a farewell service that is as individual as you are! I pride myself on being able to aid the individual to customise their ceremony or ritual to fit their personal and spiritual preferences by thinking outside the box.

If you choose to have a "Bare" service, I can also aid in preparing your memorial service or ash scattering.

Your post-mortem care can be as individual as you are


Absolutely. Your life story and any words of wisdom that you create is what we call your "Legacy". This is where you develop the memories you would like left behind after your Earth journey comes to a close.

Doula Jo can also help you to develop your end of life wishes such as advanced health directive, end of life planning and the personal points of your last will and testament. I do not provide legal services, I recommend employing a solicitor you trust to help draw up the legal will and testament documents for you.

End of life planning is where you talk about the type of services and care you would like at the end of your life. This includes spiritual services, care services, medical services and can even include after death body care preferences.

Advanced care planning primarily focuses on your preferences and needs around your medical and clinical supports during your end of life phase.

I can provide a wide range of support when it comes to your pet. I can help with emotional support and logistical support. I can help you to arrange your pets funeral if you choose. I can provide a burial service for your pet on your own property.

I can refer you to and even liaise with modern pet cremation services if that is the type of service you wish for your furry loved one.