Meet Artemis

Artemis is an 8yo Female Neapolitan Mastiff.

She comes from a breeder who did selective breeding for over 20 years in order to restore the breeds natural state. His mission was to undo the damage caused by show breeders who use inbreeding methods to breed in deformities to achieve the “show quality” appearance they are after.

So as you can see, Artemis does not have elongated, drooping jowls, nor does she have back legs that sit lower than her front. Her back is lovely and straight.

These dogs are highly intelligent and definitely not a beginners breed. Artemis requires a lot of care, attention and training in order for her to maintain healthy mind and body.

Artemis’ blood line can be traced back to ancient times when the Kings of Europe would keep the breed. The males would typically travel with soldiers while the females would stay at home and protect the soldiers wives and children. They were the fist “nanny dog”.

Today, Artemis enjoys a leisurely life of walks, treats, cuddles and lots of time on the couch. She loves to be loved and while she appears scary to intruders, when she is with her trusted humans, she is just a bundle of goofy love. Many of her family members have gone off to Melbourne and started careers on the K9 enforcement team and they all seem to be loving the work.

Artemis originally came to me as a 9wo pup because she had some medical issues that meant she was not coping with litter life. She was not suitable to be sold so the breeder asked me to adopt her and give her a loved dogs leisurely life. Of course I said yes and will honour that promise until Artemis finishes her life journey here on Earth.

Pets are an amazing part of our life and I, personally am forever grateful to have the opportunity to be loved by a dog. One of my life goals is to be the person my dog thinks I am. To be worthy of such unconditional love.

There is so much research and evidence out there that shows a companion animal helps to reduce anxiety, stress and feelings of loneliness. Some studies even suggest that a companion animal may reduce chronic pain. The frequency of a cats purr has been shown to heal the body on a molecular level and a new study has shown that spending time around beehives can reduce symptoms of PTSD due the C frequency of the bee buzz!

Whatever the reason, animals are simply amazing and I’m grateful to be sharing a home with the absolute best best dog ever! (I could be biased). But look at her as a puppy!!

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