Suellen and Mary

Myself, Suellen will be telling this story about my mum Mary-Ellen Miller.

In 2019 Mum got diagnosed with Corticobasel syndrome which is a terminal disease .
My mum was a hard working women as a blue care nurse.
As you could imagine as an independent lady getting told that …”you have got a terminal disease, and you won’t be able to talk or walk within the next three years go and enjoy your life before this happens”, was very difficult.

This was a life changing event for my mum .
Mum didn’t want to travel or go anywhere she just wanted to spend the time with her 4 grandkids myself and my sister .

Mum went down hill fast couldn’t walk after only 1 year. Mum still had her cheeky sense of humour everyday .

In the finial stages of mums life I had a feeling of needing someone to help mum with her grieving of dying and her illness, we tried psychiatry but that didn’t help mum at all .
So one day, Jo Kent come to my work and I asked her about her work she said “I’m a death doula” . After she left I looked it up to see what that meant and I was so interested I knew this person Jo Kent could help me support mum my self and the carers with mums terminal illnesses.

Mum had decided to go down the path of voluntary assisted dying. It meant that mum could stay home and pass nicely with her family by her side.

Jo was there every step of the way for mum and me, If I needed Jo fast she was always straight on the phone to me or come over, this made it feel like we want alone in all this. Jo has a great understanding with end of life.  Any questions that mum had about death or dying, Jo explained it so death wasn’t so scary for mum in the end.
But it’s not the end mum says “I’ll see you later instead.”

“It’s all about Mary”.